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WebCam Looker v2.8 is released

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:51 am
by Administrator
WebCam Looker v2.8 is released with new features:

Motion detector: Added Movement sustained for X number of seconds logic.

Archive: Added option to automatically removal of files (checkbox: "And no more") regardless of free disk space.

Archive: Added resize of the dialog for increasing of images/video playback.

On startup: Added showing of warning, if previously connected device is not accessible.
To customize the message:
1. Create a file DeviceLostMessage.txt at folder: C:\Program Files\WebCam Looker\Settings\
2. At first line write the window title, like: "Attention!"
3. At second line write the message, like: "The camera is not connected. Please Reboot!"
4. The suggested editor is notepad (in 8-bit chars).