HTTP uploads to prevent theft pictures removal from server.

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HTTP uploads to prevent theft pictures removal from server.

Postby Administrator » Wed Feb 28, 2007 10:08 am

In the version 2.5 HTTP upload script (addons/filereceiver.php) has added new field: Added HistoryTime - to prevent theft pictures removal from server by intruder.

Using this option allows you to prevent removal of old images captured and uploaded to server even in case of theft of computer which uploads images. Note: You must not hold your hosting FTP (and other) access login/password at this computer to prevent access to your server.

Even knowing of login/password of HTTP upload (this filereceiver.php) will not give anybody a chance to remove images already uploaded to server, because this script does not allow removing of old files.

They will be stored on server as long as specified by this variable. I.e. in opposite to HistoryLength, which removes old images to hold maximum specified images in history (in this case the intruder can try to upload many images till full rotation of images will remove the theft pictures from server), the HistoryTime _holds_ all images with theft until their date is expired on server.

THAT IS ANOTHER GOOD REASON to use HTTP-Upload instead of FTP-upload:
while FTP-upload potentially discloses full access to your storage on server, the HTTP-upload is read-only. Additionally HTTP-upload is faster.

For more details see addons/filereceiver.php at the WebCam Looker installed on disk.
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