Pb with Motion detection + Video destination

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Pb with Motion detection + Video destination

Postby erich » Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:20 pm


I am currently evaluting your software and just have an issue.
I would like to use motion detection along with video file destination storage.
If I understand well both archive and my video file destination will store the motion detection.
Pb is that archive does record it but no file is created.
I have specified a path to my "My Videos" folder and gave a name like "video.avi" but after recording there's no file created under "My Videos" folder. The archive is working fine though.

Thanks for your help
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Postby Administrator » Mon May 05, 2008 1:09 pm

Hi Eric,

You mean it writes video to archive, but not to a specified file?

In this case make sure you have saved your settings - with file name where to write video. Make sure the folder exists and it is allowed to write into it. Make sure this folder's disk have enough free disk space to write video.
You may also try to use another folder for writing video.

Note: program writes either into the archive or to a file specified. Not to both.

Also we recommend to use the macros in the video file name, for example, 'video_{y-m-d_h-i-s}.avi' -to collect several videos with different names.It is more actual with motion detector, which can alarm periodically - so you will get more short files with motion detections (else the all videos will overwrite the existing 'video.avi' file).

May be in your case you see only the latest (short) part video, because your have specified one file without mask.
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