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User adn passwords

PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:52 pm
by flabio
Hi wanted to know how I can use web cam loooker without user and paswords.
greetings and thank you very much.
Flabio Udoviko

Re: User adn passwords

PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:41 am
by Admin_N
Hello Flabio,

Have you added a password to access the program in Access settings tab? If you have, and you still know the password but want to get rid of it, just go to the tab again and change the password to blank space.

In case you forgot password for the program, you would not be able to access its settings any more. In this case it is better to uninstall the program with removal of settings, but you can keep your archives (just choose the right option in the process) if needed. After that, install the program again.

An alternative way for advanced users: remove file settings.dat in settings subdirectory of the program directory where it is installed on disk. After that the program needs to be configured again.

If you mean something else, please describe it in more details.

Re: User adn passwords

PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:50 pm
by flabio
4.jpg (45.52 KiB) Viewed 25050 times
3.jpg (54.9 KiB) Viewed 25050 times
In software WebCam Looker, selecting Enable Web Server in Server Web tab, automatically generates me username and password and can not leave it blank.
Somehow I need to access from internet directly without asking for username and password.
I've attached two images that illustrate this.
Regards Flabio Udoviko

Re: User adn passwords

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:47 pm
by Admin_N
This is the access data to web server. If there wasn't password protection, it'd create a serious safety vulnerability for everyone would be able to log in to your web server, change settings and get the footage. Here's what you can do:

1) You can change the login and password to simpler ones like a and b respectively. Moreover, you can include them to the web server URL so that it'd look like http://a:b@
2) You can access certain cameras without password with direct URLs. Check out the picture below:
a) set built-in web server as a destination:
wcl_1.jpg (69.9 KiB) Viewed 25045 times

b)use web server's info + camera's name to access it directly:
wcl_2.jpg (71.63 KiB) Viewed 25045 times

Hope this helps!

Re: User adn passwords

PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:16 pm
by flabio
Hi I'm trying but I could not accomplish what I need. What I want is to display a live web cam in a web page in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox everything works fine, the problem is with Internet Explorer since it can not send user data and passwords in the URL address (http:/ / admin: The solution you suggested in your last answer does not work in Internet Explorer as it does not support mjpeg format (if it works in other browsers). One solution is to issue without user and password or make a script to insert user, password and click accept button, but I know the id of these three elements.
I thanks if I can provide further assistance.
Greetings and thank you.

Re: User adn passwords

PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 1:59 pm
by Admin_N
If you have Javascript enabled in your Internet Explorer (99% possibility, because it is always enabled by default), and if you have not ticked 'MJPEG streaming' box (in pic above), the camera image will be dynamically updated at a rate specified in 'Interval' box. So if it's set to 30 ms, it's close to real-time video.