Pinnacle USB tuner stick not detected

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Pinnacle USB tuner stick not detected

Postby tim74 » Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:09 am

I have a PCTV HD Pro Stick, it also has 330e/800e in it's model listing.

I have a small camera hooked to a channel modulator set to channel 4. I am then connecting this to my computer with the USB tuner stick.

What I would like to accomplish is motion/sound detection recordings. I can usually tap the video feed fine in most software I am testing but I haven't been successful in finding something that combined motion detection with the channel feed from the tuner and either record or detect sound as well.

Looker is the first software I've tried that isn't detecting the tuner right off the bat for video or anything else. With the features listing the compatibility with tuners and it also have the motion/sound, I am unable to test to see if this software can fit my needs.
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