Dewarping questions

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Dewarping questions

Postby wgmcg » Wed Jul 01, 2020 4:46 am

I just bought a xeoma licences a couple of weeks ago. I'm fairly happy with it but planned to use it with a couple of 180 degree fisheye cams, which just arrived today. I watched a video on using the dewarping with ptz controls on youtube, but I'm unable to get my setup to work the same way. I have several questions.

First, in the youtube video, the PTZ button seems to be available in the bottom tray to pan around the image. I'm not offered the PTZ button for my fisheye camera. How do I get it?

Secondly, I'm unclear what module is supposed to do the dewarping. I've added the "Fisheye dewarping" module to my camera chain, but the dewarping doesn't work until I check "enable fisheye dwarping" in the Preview and Archive module. Why 2 places? Which should I use?
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