Terrible sound on Linux

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Terrible sound on Linux

Postby Lucsp » Mon Oct 11, 2021 12:26 am

Hi. I just acquired my first IP camera and Xeoma is by far the software I like best in all the ones I've tested.

The only problem I have is that the microphone sound is all garbled. It is a horrible sound. I am using Linux and I've tried a few CMS applications for Windows (running on Wine, of course). Most of them can't even find my camera's feed, but one of them does and the sound is pretty good. Sound on my phone (ICSee) is OK too. So it seems the problem only occurs with Xeoma. Is there a fix for that?

Incidentally, I found it strange that Xeoma found my camera feed a lot faster than all other applications and... without any kind of password login! How does it do that? All other applications require the camera's password. I'm afraid my camera is very insecure... :( It's a very cheap nameless unit.

But anyway, I investigated all the configuration options and a lot of the modules, and I saw something in the "Universal Camera" module configuration about entering the link to the audio feed. How do I do that? I tried this:

changed to

But that didn't work. Do you have any pointers to share?

Thank you.
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Re: Terrible sound on Linux

Postby Lucsp » Tue Oct 12, 2021 6:38 pm

With longer use and further testing, I've found that sound works fine in recordings. When I open any of the video files directly from their storage directory instead of the Xeoma player interface, the sound in the videos is fine. It's Xeoma's interaction with my computer's sound card that fails.

In regular monitoring, there is no sound. It's mute. But whenever I click the monitoring view or go into configuration mode (adding modules etc.) or I click the tiny icon that enables sound, I hear the horrible sound.

I have uploaded an audio sample of the sound here:

You can "hear" (so to speak) a car passing by. When the horrible sound intensifies, that is the car passing.

It may be noteworthy that I don't use the Microphone module in my chain, but the camera still picks up sound, normal in recordings and all distorted in monitoring. But when I add the Microphone module, it seems to indicate that Xeoma does in fact not like my sound card. I only have three options: HDA Intel PCH (hw:0) which is what I use for everything, a generic USB sound card (hw:1) that is in fact part of a USB hub and I never use that sound card, I just use the USB hub, and Loopback (hw:2). When HDA Intel PCH is selected in the Microphone module, there is a red warning at the top that says: "Device is not available. Please check the device's connection to the computer and settings," which doesn't make any sense because as stated before, that is the sound card I use for everything. The other sound cards (USB and Loopback) don't issue any warning, but don't fix the problem either.
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Re: Terrible sound on Linux

Postby Admin_Alex » Wed Oct 20, 2021 2:05 pm


Thank you for contacting us. Allow me to answer your questions:

Concerning the URL address:
Many camera models have a feature called "digest authentication" where the device checks if you're the actual user and asks to provide your credentials in order to work properly. Some Chinese cameras do not have this feature. If there is a chance, please, go to the camera's admin page and look for this option. If it's present, check if it's disabled. If it is, please enable it.

Concerning the sound issue:
A lot of camera manufacturers usually combine video and audio streams together in order to save more bandwidth, so in essence, those streams are inseparable. Please, try copying the camera's preview stream URL and pasting it into the sound stream URL field.

Concerning the sound card:
The reason for the microphone not working properly may lie in the sound card, as well as some other parts of your device. Please, send us your full PC specifications to our e-mail. It can be found on our contacts page: [url]https://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/contacts/[/url] We will look into it and work for a solution.
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