Using Xeoma settings after customization

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Using Xeoma settings after customization

Postby Admin_N » Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:00 am

User asked:
"I have a 32-cam Standard. It was all jolly well set up but then I customized Xeoma to have another name and logo, and all settings went back to defaults. Do I have to reconfigure it all again?"

Xeoma stores its settings to the folder with whatever name it has. By default it's Xeoma but when you customize it & change the program name, a new folder with this name is created. And it's empty, naturally. You need to paste the settings from Xeoma folder to this {ProgramName} folder. Do that only when Xeoma is off, otherwise they won't be copied.

Directory for the Xeoma default settings & archive folder:
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