Newest version - Xeoma 12.4.28 - available to download!

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Newest version - Xeoma 12.4.28 - available to download!

Postby Admin_N » Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:04 pm

Xeoma 12.4.28 is another confirmation of the motto: being a professional is easy.

FTP server upload module in Xeoma Video Surveillance Software allows you to set your system to automatically upload video surveillance footage to a remote server and have access to it from anywhere in the world! You can also grant access to your family members, co-workers, authorized personnel to view recordings, too. Completely adjustable, easy to manage, this module is a great addition to modules, created to make your video surveillance effective and simple!

Screen capturing module speaks for itself. This is a source-type module to take screenshots at specified intervals and save it to the desired directory, send by Email, to remote FTP server, or other destinations according by chain you configured. Its configuration will take a few seconds and is simple, like all Xeoma modules.

Download the newest version on our download page. Try it today! You will enjoy using Xeoma Video Surveillance Software.
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