So many gaps

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So many gaps

Postby Linwood » Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:01 am

I continue my evaluation, and one of the biggest issues I have is that it seems to randomly drop the camera's feed periodically.

This is a particularly bad example (attached) but at all times there seem to be gaps.

For comparison I have tried running Luxriot and Blue Iris on the exact same cameras, exact same computer, and exact same network and settings -- neither one miss a second of video. I have carefully replaced the discovered URL's with the same URL's used in Blue iris (Luxriot is discovering its own but looks the same). Had to for two of five cameras as it never seems to discover two (for reasons unclear).

These are 4K cameras but are running at 1fps to keep from being a performance issue, and the laptop I am testing on shows xeoma only at about 35% busy. The gaps are much worse at H.265 with super on, better with super off, and better with H.264, but still there. I get various indications about bad URL or bad IP or port that spontaneously appear then clear. None of those things are actually true. All cameras are hardwired on a fast switch and separate VLAN just for them and the test PC. Again, they work fine with other VMS software.

I am running the beta software, though I recall from years past whenever I trial Xeoma I have similar issues (on completely different hardware -- these are all new cameras, new network, new house).

Insights welcomed.

Example playback display
xeoma_skipped_time.jpg (135.6 KiB) Viewed 3655 times
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Re: So many gaps

Postby Admin_P » Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:41 am

Hello! Would it be possible to give us access to one such camera over a static external IP? If so - please send the data at our e-mail.
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Re: So many gaps

Postby Linwood » Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:17 pm

No, sorry, that just does not seem wise. I only have one external IP and providing access via NAT (without a lot of contortions on my part) opens up the internal network pretty widely.

The model (should you decide to buy and try, or borrow and try) were Lorex LNE8974AB. All four I had of that model were similar. I used them mostly set at defaults, but very low frame rate (1 or 2 fps). Frankly I think the frame rate may be part of the issue as your software continually complains the frame rate is low even though it is low by desire -- maybe as it complains it resets. But the flashing warnings continually are part of the issue -- I get so many warnings (that come and go so rapidly) it is hard to tell what is going on. Warnings need to be real, actionable, and logged -- not flashing and going away all the time.

I also seemed (emphasis on "seemed" as I did not experiment enough to be certain) to get more problems with H.265 than H.264, especially when "super" was turned on (I have no idea what "super" does by the way).
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