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Xeoma logs and gdrive mount

Postby MarkoR » Wed May 08, 2019 6:58 pm

I have setup my google drive as a mount point at /mnt/gdrive with rclone on my raspberry pi with Raspian lite. The mount point is working great, I can copy new files to google drive, delete files etc over the /mnt/gdrive mount point without any errors. I have a 150M fiber connection. The mount point works flawlessly.

When I go in to the Archive module in Xeoma client and put in the /mnt/gdrive folder as the place to save archive and camera1g as the archive name, it will let me do so, and Xeoma does not give any errors when I click the ok -button. When I check the google drive from google drive homepage my browser shows that the camera1g folder has indeed been created through the /mnt/gdrive mount point. However the archieve itself has not been created and whenever I open the Archive module in Xeoma Client again, the Xeoma has changed the archive folder back to the default /usr/local/Xeoma/XeomaArchive (not /mnt/gdrive anymore). Xeoma never gives any errors, it can create a folder in the mount point, but nothing else. I have used cp to copy manually an xeomaarchive to gdrive through this mount point, so I know it works. Have also given all permissions to everyone, in google drive and in raspian. I have also tried to setting archieve recording options so that it only records with 1fps even if my 150M should be plenty for full quality, but it doesn't change things.

Is there some sort of timer that if the folder path is not created fast enough or the file creation is not lightning fast, xeoma will just assume I gave wrong folder name? Anyway to tweak it to wait just few more millisecond?

Also I have checked some raspian logs from /var/log, but haven't found anything related to this. Could you please let me know where the server would save logs that would indicate what goes wrong when creating archieve to /mnt/gdrive ?
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