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Next Release Wish-list

Postby korniza » Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:11 pm

I just like to ask for any plans of new release. It seems that 2019 is a very slow process for new updates/ new features introduction.
comparing with 2018 updates, this year is not a productive year for Xeoma.
Some people like to see more IoT interaction. So I like to build a wishlist for any version that may come available.
    Interaction with IFTTT
    Full API implementation
    Alexa/Google Home/Homekit interaction
    Another request is a tuned VM linux image to be used on VMware for virtual environments.
    Also for raspberry pi an image can be great for beginners.
    For previous I like to see a tuned firewall.
    Any voip interaction would be great (Xeoma call an extension if condition is met)
    An extra feature I like to see is a text log of system (connections/disconnects/motion/face detection
    At last, I had asked before for application to be able send audio back to camera or play a sound to camera if it is supported.

So for developers there is plenty of imagination in this post. :D
We stay tuned to get a beta!
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Re: Next Release Wish-list

Postby Admin_K » Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:19 pm


Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! We very much appreciate it. Most of them are actually in our development plan. But at the moment we're working on implementing some new AI features, so Xeoma could be even more flexible and powerful, and some modules could have the highest recognition rate.

Hopefully, new beta version will be released soon. Please stay in touch!
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