New beta version 19.11.26 is already released!

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New beta version 19.11.26 is already released!

Postby Admin_K » Thu Nov 28, 2019 12:22 pm

On this Thanksgiving's eve we are releasing the long-waited-for new version of Xeoma - Xeoma Beta 19.11.26!

We have made a lot of modifications and additions to bring you better performance, better set of features and better user experience.
In this new version you will find 6 new modules, improvements of the recently released and old ones, more flexibility in Users permissions, optimization of work with big amounts of cameras, more convenient work with ONVIF and PTZ cameras, support for joysticks, and many, many more! See Details below:
New modules:
"Sports Tracking" (Additional module) is used for recognition and automated PTZ tracking of a ball in various sport games.

"Gender Recognition" (Additional module) is based on Artificial Intelligence and enables automatic recognition of a person’s gender, and reaction to either male, female, or both genders. Ideal for retail stores where promo ads or notifications can be adjusted based on a visitor’s gender for higher sales rates. You can select to which gender the system will react, and set the desired accuracy level to get rid of episodes where the system is less sure of recognition quality.

"Color Recognition" (Additional module) is triggered when it detects the selected color in the specified area in real time. Choose a color for detection from the suggested basic ones or input a color in the RGB or HSV color scheme. Use the Sensitivity threshold slider to allow detection of undertones of a selected range. Paint the area where color should be monitored in red with a brush. The module is designed for independent work to intercept an object by a color, or to work in conjunction with other modules, for example, License Plate Recognizer in combination with a traffic light for detection of traffic rules violations (detection of drivers ignoring the red signal).

"Crowd detector" (Additional module) is based on Artificial Intelligence networks and can count people’s heads and detect if the number is bigger or smaller than needed (detect people crowding), and trigger a pre-set reaction. It can also be used for passengers count in a public transportation enclosure like subway carriage, bus, tram, train, etc. You can select how many people should be there in the camera's field of view to trigger the module.

“ANPR Speed Sender” and “ANPR Speed ​​Receiver” modules (PRO edition) for speed violation detection. The combination of them calculates the time that a vehicle takes to travel the distance between two virtual points, and if it's lower than a set time, the speed limit is considered violated. More details

Improvements of recently released modules:
ANPR (PRO + Additional): we have added options for CIS countries with improved accuracy of license plate identification. These countries are: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Russia and Kazakhstan. The Additional license for these improved options is bought separately and activates over the Standard or Pro edition.

Besides, it now offers visualization of the license plate location on preview. With this feature it will be more convenient to configure the module to work together with other modules - for example, with the “Cross-Line Detector” or “PTZ Tracking”.

"ANPR Sending to FTP"(PRO):
* ability to choose what pictures to send (either a frame with a machine, or a frame with a license plate, or both), whether to send this data in archive or as separate files, and also to select the sending/saving interval.

Object Recognition (Additional module):
* has more object types it can recognize. New ones are boats, buses, balls, trains, trucks.
* does not need the “Object Detector” module to work any more; the module works independently now.
* now offers possibility to select recognition interval, which allows to reduce the load on weak processors, while losing an insignificant part of possible episodes with this object type in the frame.
* now offers the possibility to select the desired recognition accuracy level for each type of object separately. Now you can flexibly set what percentage of recognition accuracy suits you for type of object. For example, when you need more accuracy for recognition of cars of various form-factors, while lower accuracy is enough for the lower-priority task of recognizing people.

“QR Code Recognition” (Additional module):
* can now recognize bar codes of all known formats (Code-128, code-39, code-93, EAN-13, EAN-8, ITF, PDF-417, RSS Expanded and others), in addition to QR codes.

"Face Recognition" (Additional module):
* New option “Auto-learning by found faces” added for recognition using artificial intelligence. This functionality allows you to automatically train the program to include detected people in a particular group by frequency of detection (for example, employees, loyal visitors, new guests, etc.).

“Move to PTZ preset” (Additional module):
* added possibility to setup the tour (patrol) mode for ONVIF cameras that support touring, directly from the module’s interface.
* added possibility to select the module to which the signal is transmitted when the selected preset is triggered. Thus, in one module “Move to PTZ preset”, you can configure various presets and determine to which of the following modules the signal from each of them will go.

"Universal camera" (all editions):
* ability to select a PTZ profile. This functionality is needed for operation of several cameras with support for pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, connected via NVR.
* ability to configure ONVIF camera streams directly from the Xeoma interface. Now you can change the resolution, stream type, frames-per-second rate, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other parameters of the streams that the ONVIF camera allows to change through the ONVIF protocols, right from the “Universal Camera” dialog. All settings are available for the ONVIF cameras automatically.
* ability to limit FPS (frames per second rate) of a USB camera's video stream (previously the FPS option could only be selected in conjunction with resolution).

"Motion Detector" (all editions):
* added the “Ignore shadows” option. This functionality allows you to reduce false positives by shadows of various objects.
And the following important improvements:
* support for GlobalSat GPS modules (in modules “Marking” and “ANPR Speed Sender”).
* support for USB joysticks for PTZ control (PRO edition, Windows only).
* import/export of customized tabs for transferring them to other clients.
* ability to synchronize the ONVIF cameras time with the server's time. With this option, your ONVIF cameras connected to Xeoma will be automatically reconfigured to the server’s system time.
* added duration of camera display in the “Show only active cameras” option (5, 10, 30 seconds, 1, 2, 5 minutes).
* Users dialog: added choice to allow or prohibit listening to sound from cameras and viewing interactive maps (eMap).
* capacity to remove licenses in the "Active licenses" menu (Main menu - Information - Active Licenses).
* simultaneous export of archives that are viewed in the "Simultaneous view of several archives" viewing mode.
* new "programdir [DirPath]" program startup key for changing the storage location of the program files without installation.
* and much more. See list of changes

New partner accounts for resellers & manufacturers:
As per multiple requests from Xeoma resellers, we have closed access to the Reseller discounts page. Now regular users or competitors will not see the discounts you're getting from FelenaSoft.
Discounts have changed, too. Former conditions will be valid up to December, 31 2020.
Contact us to get your personal access to the Reseller discounts page.

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To try a new beta version, download it here or update through the program interface. We would be grateful for your feedback!

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