Write to External SD Card in Android

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Write to External SD Card in Android

Postby slazaris » Fri Dec 18, 2020 9:41 am

I have successfully installed Xeoma in an Android Box running Android TV 9, specifically ATVXperience OS. I have added an IP Camera and I can preview live and playback from the archive. What I can't accomplish is to write the archive to an external SD Card, let alone a USB drive. I go to the Archive Module and change the path from /user/0/... to /storage/201E-B780/ which is the path to my media card as seen from FX File Explorer. When I close the settings window, there is no error message but the archive folder is unchanged to the default one. What am I missing? The Xeoma app has full permissions, the SD card is 32GB Fat32. The one thing I noticed from FX File Explorer is that when I tried to create a xeoma folder inside the root folder of the SD Card, it responded it is not writable, but from the settings I remounted as writeable and created the subfolder. So, is there a step I have to do in order to make the SD Card writeable for the Xeoma archive?
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Re: Write to External SD Card in Android

Postby Admin_E » Fri Dec 18, 2020 12:47 pm

Hi slazaris!

Xeoma doesn't support writing archives to SD Cards at the moment as it can block any access to the card at all.
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