License Plate Recognition issue

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License Plate Recognition issue

Postby Matt77 » Mon Jan 25, 2021 11:17 am


i purchased the PRO Version of Xeoma and trying now to get the ANPR module to work.
However its just not detecting/doing anything.

im running Xeoma v20.12.18 on Ubuntu 18.04

My settings for the ANPR are this:

OpenALPR install directury: /usr/local/Xeoma/Additional/openalpr
Europe and UK selected. all other not

Detection Type: Detect any Cars
Recognize only changed areas: unticked
Save Data in CSV Report: /media/hdd/XeomaReports/

The Module is linked between "Universal Camera" and "Preview and Archive"

The Problem is it never detects anything, actually its not doing anything at all. also the report directory is empty.
Is there any log file to check whats maybe going on?

thanks a lot in advance for any help
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Re: License Plate Recognition issue

Postby Admin_K » Fri Jan 29, 2021 4:58 pm


You can contact our tech support and provide a screenshot with a license plate (or a video fragment):

We'll gladly test it in our lab.

Ways to increase the successful recognition rate:

- Point the camera in the direction of vehicles, facing license plates at right angle;
- Fasten the camera to minimize wind interferences, vibrations, etc.;
- Place the camera so that a license plate would take most of the frame;
- Use proper lighting in the low-light circumstances (for example, an IR projector);
- Use long-focus objective;
- Set exposure to a minimum;
- Turn auto focus off.
- Use special HLC (High Light Compensation) cameras (often marked ‘For LPR/ANPR’).

There are also different license plate recognition utilities that you can try for your country's license plates.
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