New beta version Xeoma 21.3.4

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New beta version Xeoma 21.3.4

Postby admin_mary » Wed Mar 10, 2021 11:02 am

New Xeoma beta version has two new intelligent modules - "Eye tracking" and "Parking spots". We also took your suggestions on Xeoma improvement into account and improved modules "Face recognition", "PTZ tracking", "RTSP broadcasting", "Web server", "HTTP switcher" and "HTTP request sender". Xeoma working environment has also been upgraded: added control of camera focus for PTZ cameras, camera bulk removal, more JSON API commands, support for hardware keys in ARM-based devices, opportunity to make your own default chain to add camera with, and many other fixes and enhancements.

Read more about update on our website: ([url][/url])

Download the new beta version right now by following this link: ([url][/url])
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