New release version Xeoma 21.6.4

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New release version Xeoma 21.6.4

Postby Admin_N » Tue Jun 01, 2021 7:46 am

New released version Xeoma 21.6.4 is already available and offers these improvements:

The new official version of Xeoma will provide you with the improvements from Xeoma Beta 21.5.31 and Xeoma Beta 21.6.4:

a new module called “360° Surround View”,

improvements of Xeoma Pro Your Cloud, LDAP, multi-server mode, enhancement of “Parking Spots”, “Face Recognition”, “Camera-Embedded Detector”, “Mobile notifications”, “Motion Detector” modules,

a new macro for “Face Detector (Emotions)”,

enhancement of hardware key algorithms, as well as fixes of email sending delay and installation under Debian,

and many other improvements!

Read more about this version on our website: ([url][/url])

Download the new release version right now by following this link: ([url][/url]) or update from Xeoma interface
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