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New beta versions - Xeoma 22.6.28 and 22.7.5

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2022 1:27 pm
by Admin_N
We've recently released two beta versions of Xeoma - 22.6.28 and 22.7.5!

First there came the beta version 22.6.28 that included the following additions:

* support for the Emap function in the Multi-server mode,
* Users menu in Lite and Starter editions,
* various new commands in Xeoma API for working in integrated systems,
* enhancement of the “ANPR”, “Slip and Fall Detector”, “Safety Gear Detector”, “HTTP Marking” modules,
as well as multiple bug fixes.

Now, a week later, we complemented all the above mentioned changes of Xeoma Beta 22.6.28 with the new fix of occasional server part crashes that would happen in Linuxes after installation, and released it as the newer Xeoma Beta 22.7.5. Please give it a try!

Read more about this and other updates on our website: ([url][/url])

Download the new beta version 22.7.5 now from our website: ([url][/url]) or conveniently update through Xeoma interface.