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Update on Hardware Acceleration CUDA Linux

PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2022 9:12 pm
by EdwinDrood
Love Xeoma, Love Linux.

I went to
to find out which cards support CUDA and got one with a "compute" rating of 5.0 (Quadro Pro K620)

I set up Ubuntu Server 22.04 (headless -- CLI only) and installed the NVIDIA driver that popped-up automatically.

I then installed the latest CUDA using the wizard on

Installed latest Xeoma (not beta).

As of the time of this posting, I think I have discovered the following:

-- Unless you have over 30 cameras on one server with huge CPU demands (large resolution Motion Detect, face detect, etc etc,) the need for GPU Hardware acceleration is almost none.
-- Unless you use very specific cards, it will probably not be available to you at all.

See recommended cards here:

I was hoping that getting a CUDA capable card and installing CUDA might make things run better somehow. Now I think that getting this card and installing CUDA was pointless.

If I am wrong, please let me know. If anybody knows of any performance benefit to having an NVIDIA card with a CUDA compute value of 5.0 (or higher), let me know.

As it is, I find that most modern cameras support at least two streams (sub-stream with lower fps and lower resolution) so setting up the recording of high-resolution streams with Motion Detect is working pretty well without any CUDA acceleration.