Renew process ?

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Renew process ?

Postby RonSMeyer » Sun Sep 18, 2022 10:43 pm

I just use Xeoma for monitoring my home, not any commercial setting.
It is time to upgrade the Xeoma version, and also to upgrade my Linux version.
I have the 8 camera standard edition, running version 17.11.24.
The software says my license is active, although out of updates.
So, do I just buy an 8 camera standard edition renewal, go download version 22.8.16 for Linux 64, and then install and activate it? Or what?
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Re: Renew process ?

Postby Admin_K » Wed Sep 21, 2022 2:17 pm


You can check the renewal period of your Xeoma licenses in Xeoma via Main menu - Information - Active licenses

If your license's updates are over and you'd like to continue update Xeoma, you can purchase Xeoma Standard renewal for your license e.g. for 1 year:
Activate your renewal license via Main menu - Registration - Activate, and then you can update Xeoma via Main menu - Information - Check for updates

If you'd like to activate the latest version of Xeoma (e.g. you've erased all previous Xeoma instances or installed the new OS from scratch), then you can download the latest version from our website and activate it via Main menu - Registration - Activate - LICENSE;RENEWAL (including semicolon)

In order to receive a quick reply, please contact us via email or online chat:
Because forum is created mainly for our users to communicate.
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