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AOSU supported

Postby bigballs5 » Sat Jun 03, 2023 9:19 pm

Hi all. I have a system of AOSU cameras, but I’m limited to the iOS app. I would love to use this software. I have checked the supported camera list and they aren’t listed. I’m wondering if the software will support the cameras. They are all Wi-Fi, so I’m thinking maybe yes. I’m thinking you maybe thinking just try to connect them. But here’s my thought. They may well work or not, but I’m new to this software and I don’t want to go headlong into it all and get bad results, thus putting me off. It’s a kinda strange question, but I’m also thinking maybe someone on here has already tried. Cheers.
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Re: AOSU supported

Postby Admin_D » Wed Jun 14, 2023 2:11 pm


Thanks for being interested in our software! Let's discover your case.

Even if cameras are not yet listed in supported cameras list, you can still try to connect them to Xeoma - Xeoma can talk to cameras via various protocols. Your cameras seem to be doorbell cameras, thus chances are that they are supposed to work only within their 'mother software' and nowhere else. However we cannot say it for sure. It's better to try to connect them to Xeoma and ask manufacturer directly as well. You can reach us via email pointed on our contact page, so that we provide you with demo licenses for tests and you don't need to pay before you try.

Regarding your limitations to iOS app only - unfortunately, it is not enough for the system functoning. Xeoma has Client-Server architecture meaning that you need a server to proceed all work with cameras. If we are talking about a common PC, both Client and Server con be combined on a single one, while iOS app is exclusively a Client and cannot work without a Server part. Here's more Xeoma's architecture
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