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New official release version Xeoma 23.7.4

PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2023 10:32 am
by Admin_N
A official version of Xeoma video surveillance software and app - Xeoma 23.7.4 - is already released!

Change Log for Xeoma 23.7.4 is as follows:

+ A new, universal license for all object types in the ‘Object Recognizer’ module;
+ Support for the HarmonyOS operating system;
+ Improvements of simultaneous view of recordings from several cameras; various enhancements of the PTZ-by-click function, P2P connection, distribution of user data across disks in Xeoma Pro Your Cloud.

Also: improvements of such fundamental and important features like
motion detection,
camera search,
web and program interface,
playback of recordings,
customization and rebranding,
as well as the ‘Mobile Notifications’, ‘Problems Detector’, ‘Parking Spots’, ‘HTTP Request Sender’ modules!

Read more about update on our website: ([url][/url])

Download the new release version if you haven't yet from the Download Page: ([url][/url]