Xeoma 13.4.30 - Group Settings, Microphone, and Italian

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Xeoma 13.4.30 - Group Settings, Microphone, and Italian

Postby Admin_N » Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:11 pm

Do you feel the spring breeze? It urges you to go travelling, doesn't it? You can give in to temptation for now your office, home and business are safely secured with Xeoma 13.4.30, special edition for those longing for long-awaited rest.

The new version features the possibility to apply group settings to several or all modules of one type. For example, having set up an SMS sender you can enter group settings and copy the settings to SMS sender modules in other chains. Set up all modules just in a few clicks, easy, fast, and visual.

Do you use Microphone module to get sound from your camera? Then we have good news for you: now Microphones don't count as a separate source and are in fact free. Thus you can use Microphone along with camera modules even if your Xeoma is in the free or 1-source-license commercial version.

What do you associate Italy with? Seaside, sun, delicious foods, and Xeoma in Italian, for sure! Xeoma 13.4.30 is the new best thing for video security gourmets.

Please download our new Xeoma and try it out!
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