Xeoma Beta 14.9.22: new & improved modules, feature, options

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Xeoma Beta 14.9.22: new & improved modules, feature, options

Postby Admin_N » Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:52 pm

New beta version Xeoma 14.9.22 is already available for download!

We have done a lot of work and are now proud to present you the new Xeoma Beta with the following improvements:

- Motion detector can now work in reverse and detect if there was no motion in the field of view, and give you alerts then.

- New “HTTP marking” module. With its help you can apply a watermark of some tags to the recordings, and later search for recordings with these tags in the browser’s archives. The filter will come in handy, for example, in synchronization with cashier registers.

- Speaking of synchronization. We have now added synchronization with SD cards for Vivotek cameras. It means that when cameras lose connection with Xeoma, they will continue storing recordings onto their SD cards. When the connection to Xeoma is restored, the recordings will be safely downloaded to Xeoma’s archive, and you will be able to view them as ordinary recordings. The synchronization can be used in challenging environments where the Internet connection is intermittent.

- If your Internet connection is slow, Xeoma Repeater and Email sender (set up to attach pictures) will work better in the new beta version.

- Now you are able to hear sound from a camera on Xeoma’s main screen where all cameras are shown. You can disable or enable sound by clicking on a special icon in the upper right corner of camera preview boxes.

- Great news for owners and engineers of large installations: group settings are now more comfortable to use and comprise next to all settings of all modules. Give the new group settings a try in a module’s settings (first line). By the way, an IP address macro is now available for Email Sender, Preview and Archive camera naming, etc.

- We also have great news for resellers. The rebranding utility now allows to run the customized version of Xeoma also in the trial edition. It’s easier now to demonstrate your special edition of Xeoma to your clients.

- Xeoma Pro has also been enhanced. Its Cloud mode allows to hide some modules, ready-to-use schemes and restrict deleting or adding new cameras.

- Improved is also Xeoma’s archive. Detected motion events are now marked on the timescale with up-to-a-second accuracy. There is also an option to export an extract from the archive in the format it already is without re-encoding.

- Enhanced are also work of the Android app, sound quality, the “Marking” module, PTZ and Xeoma’s overall usability.

As you see, there is a lot to try so you’d better start now! Download the new beta version and send us feedback!
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