We stopped selling WebCam Looker licenses

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We stopped selling WebCam Looker licenses

Postby Admin_N » Wed Oct 20, 2021 8:10 am

Dear users!

WebCam Looker has been in the 'end-of-life' status for some time now, and it's finally time that we stop any sales of WebCam Looker licenses too. Despite the software is now officially discontinued (no longer developed, supported or sold), if you already own a WebCam Looker license, you can still use it for lifetime. However, please note that moving licenses to other machines as well as license resets due to hardware parts change are not technically possible anymore. Please contact us for a free Xeoma license instead (Xeoma Standard for 1 camera, Xeoma Lite for 2 cameras, or Xeoma Starter are available choices) if your WebCam Looker license stopped working.

WebCam Looker was created all the way back in 2005 and we are proud to admit that it was a top solution for its time - easy, affordable, multi-functional.

However, the IT industry has been blooming ever since, offering possibilities that WebCam Looker could no longer incorporate. We used all the best from WebCam Looker as a basis for our new, modern-day program for video surveillance - Xeoma ([url]https://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/[/url]) that we have been focusing on since then.

Over the years, Xeoma has reached the heights that WebCam Looker could unfortunately never reach - and now Xeoma is one of the top software in the world not just for video surveillance but also for business optimization and artificial intelligence! It has support for 99% of cameras in the world, all major operating systems (Linux, MacOSX, Windows, Android, iOS, and even ARM devices), and more than 100 features with nearly 3 dozens of mind blowing video analytics possibilities!

The Xeoma journey is only beginning so we welcome all WebCam Looker users and everyone looking for smart video camera solution to try Xeoma instead. It has an extensive yet completely free-of-charge Trial, and it offers various special offers to get free licenses.

More about Xeoma is in our website: [url]https://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/[/url]

Thank you to all WebCam Looker users for your unending support over the years! We hope to see you using Xeoma with as much pleasure and satisfaction, and maybe even more!
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