Please welcome KnownCalls - free call blocker app!

KnownCalls 100% free call blocker software to avoid unwanted calls and accept calls from known callers only.

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Please welcome KnownCalls - free call blocker app!

Postby Admin_N » Thu Aug 18, 2022 1:32 pm

KnownCalls No-Ads Calls Blocker -
new 100% free app to get rid of unsolicited calls

! See more at

Are you sick and tired of unending unsolicited calls from call centers, tele marketers, spammers and scammers of all sorts?
They waste your time, they distract you from something important, they are potentially dangerous - especially to kids and elderly.
Sometimes you wish you could just turn your phone off - but you can't because you have to be in touch with the loved ones, colleagues, customers?

Now there is a solution! KnownCalls is the new free Android app, with 0 cost, 0 advertisements, and 0 intrusion on your privacy.
KnownCalls is simple, easily configurable and works completely without Internet access.

The work scheme is simple: when activated, it rejects all incoming calls from numbers that are not in your device's Phonebook.

As easy as it sounds, with KnownCalls you can finally enjoy the silence of 0 spam calls without compromising your privacy.
The call rejection of KnownCalls is more effective compared to background hold of other calls blockers: this way spam calls can be expected to die out soon as unwanted callers will mark your number as non valid.

The app is perfect for users of any age or profession, from polititians, businessmen, or other public people, to children or elderly who need protection from scam or fraudsters.

Download KnownCalls for your Android today - from Google Play or our website

KnownCalls is the app that we've created for ourselves, but decided to share with the world.

See more about the app and its terms of use here:

P.S. Need more from call blocker? Please share your ideas! Contact us!
P.P.S. We also do paid development so if you need a custom software product created, please contact us for a non-committing quote of your project!
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